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Rockbridge Search & Recruitment 10/05/2021

Director of Cultivation/Head Grower

Ref #: 45
Location: S. California S. California 92301
Salary: $120k
Sector: Cannabis
Type: Permanent

Reporting to the Director of Greenhouse Operations and Cultivation, the Head Grower will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the cultural program ensuring successful crops in production through to harvest in a safe environment. Working closely with the Production Manager within the greenhouse; the Head Grower will manage the grower teams, IPM teams and all areas pertaining to crop health while managing the overall costs related to the growing of plants.

  • Coordination of production schedule including communicating changes due to plant needs.
  • Maintain a constant, in person leadership and support presence in the cultivation facilities.
  • Work closely with executive team to develop goals for genetics, propagation, and cultivation.
  • Assemble and manage genetic, propagation and cultivation teams to successfully grow, harvest and cure commercial flower harvests of desirable varieties.
  • Ensure Production Schedules are suitable to Plant needs and are attainable from an Agronomic view.
  • Responsible for review and revisions of all SOP’s related to greenhouse operations.
  • Ensure all direct reports are trained and in compliance with all relevant SOP’s, Best practices, and Fertigation.
  • Responsible for updating and improving SOPs to continually gain efficiency in production and remain in compliance with changing regulations.
  • Responsible for monitoring and controlling actual vs. budget performance on a weekly basis, reacting to unfavorable events by providing solutions.
  • Monitor and document plant development and communicate with the Director of Greenhouse Operations and/or Master Horticulturist as needed.
  • Provide leadership for problem and conflict resolution.
  • Monitor, oversee, and control the environment and fertigation using the Priva Operating System.
  • Develop a genetics program that identifies best phenotypes for reproduction based on quality of genetics and market desirability.
  • Maintain a safe, clean, and compliant workplace.
  • Keep the Best Practice Document accurate.
  • Ensure compliance under GACP regulations and strive for GAP/GMP compliance where possible.
  • Successfully design and implement data-capturing and reporting processes to accurately convey cultivation operations performance to executive team.
  • Maintain a strong focus on improvement of quality, scale, and efficiency of operations.
  • Source and implement equipment and technology solutions to improve operational efficiency and data analysis.
  • Provide a weekly Summary of Crop Status to the Director of Greenhouse Operations/Master Horticulturist.
  • Provide /propose operational improvements related to Plant Health.
  • Work closely with the Production Manager to reach the objectives of the department.
  • Perform any other tasks as required by the Director of Greenhouse Operations.
  • Weekend work and Shift Work may be required.
  • Must have a Degree (diploma or higher) in Horticulture.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 years work experience in large scale (>4 hectares) crop production.
  • Strong leadership track record with 5+ years of experience in operations, propagation, breeding and cultivation of cannabis.
  • Experience in floriculture and/or management of multiple and diverse crop rotations
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to effectively use Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Basic analytical skills and experience defining and reporting on performance metrics and process improvement.
  • Ability to directly perform data analysis to clearly report the status of the facilities and create operational recommendations.
  • Proven expertise encompassing greenhouse system design, plant nutrition, crop and pest management, greenhouse IT systems, software sensors and controls.
  • Strong inventory and documentation skills; experience with Global GAP programs considered an asset.
  • Conflict resolution skills; strong work ethic and positive team attitude
  • Can work under minimal supervision.
  • Ability to speak English & Portuguese is considered an asset.